Sunday, May 22, 2011


the supertwinks turn FOUR in two short weeks. FOUR!

i think the coolest kids in the world are four… which is why i fell in love with teaching head start. grown up just enough to hold a silly, sometimes poignant conversation. still small enough to wipe the tears away from a skinned knee or bruised heart.

and so it is… FOUR. old enough to have been in my classroom. this realization leaves me dismayed, a childish “so not fair” swells up in protest.

and it isn’t. the hands of time tick round. i scratch my head and ask that age old question, “where did it all go?” 

so now that i’ve got us all depressed… the good news about turning four is that it’s party time. and you know how i love a good party.

especially when it involves costumes.

supertwinks1 edit

my sweet girl, you know the one who prefers “basketball shorts” over ruffles and batman over barbie? she just might be more excited about the party theme than her superbrother. what do you think?

bat girl in frame superdavis pic

shazaambang with frame   silly super berkeditdavis

here is the party invite i made this weekend…


stay tuned for party pics!


  1. So fun! Hope they have a wonderful time! I love the age of 4 too! It does go by so quickly though :(

  2. How creative & fun!! They look SO great!! And what Amazing 4 year old Superheros they will be! Happy Birthday to your precious twins!

  3. oh my goodness! soooo cute! sooo much fun! and FOUR!!!! CRAZY!!! in a month or so.. mine turn two.. and its gone by sooo fast! CRAZY!!!! Yeah for TWINS!!!!


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