Saturday, March 26, 2011

football and superheroes

am loving this weekend…especially that it kicked off last night with hearing from three fantastic women and the stories God has written into their lives. will update more on this event another time… no worries, it will not be this long. promise.

but i do hope you take time at some point to read about how you can Be Part of The Solution.

so this morning was the first open practice for the aggie football team. look who was ready for the action

aggie1 edit

aggie3 edit

one of many admirable qualities of our sweet berk is her intelligence!

aggie2 edit

   she calls hook’em horns a “potty word”. this one’s just for you, papa.

aggie4 editdoes anyone else find berkley’s expression somewhat funny?

or in my case, beyond hilarious.

here’s another look if you’re unconvinced.

berk silly on that note, can you tell by this pic she is a bit of a tomboy? don’t be deceived by that super cute cheerleading skirt …underneath is a pair of “basketball” shorts, as she calls them. i can almost hear ann, my mother in law, laughing through the computer as she reads this. ann, i’m on my way back to target now! :) inside joke.

just this week i put her in this cute, gymboree (as if i need to qualify gymboree as cute) … strappy watermelon top. she insisted on wearing a sweater jacket over it, not wanting her girlish figure to show, i suppose.  seeing as how it’s 80+ degrees in texas i didn’t expect it to last. i was wrong.

along with her “basketball shorts” berkley has a love affair with superheroes…not that she wants one to swoop down and rescue her from some obscure villain… she wants to BE the superhero!

she has a closet full of costumes, dripping in sequins and tulle. she prefers superheroes.

“i’m batman” she declares in a raspy growl.

a stunningly accurate impersonation, i might add. spiderman is her all time favorite.

so instead of fight it, why not build a theme party around it?

while the poehl four dropped like flies around the house last week…i used our down time to start designing superhero signs. here are just a few.


what almost four year old isn’t obsessed with crime fighting super powers? just another reason that i love kids! so get ready for some crashing, blasting, ka-powing good times this june.

til then…

aggie6 edit

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  1. Andrea loved this update post. The twinks are getting so big not to mention ADORABLE! Oh that face on Berkly is great.


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