Friday, December 14, 2007

what a week

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we were bundled up & ready to go at 6:50 am (notice the adorably fuzzy hat). the problem was ryan's car wouldn't start. no big deal, except that my car was dead too. there are not too many people out & about in drizzling, 40 degree weather before 7am. (this excludes you, dad.) a few phone calls later, jumper cables & a large truck parked in our front yard, we were able to get to work.

a few other crazy, but true recent events:

* every year i take my class to "cut down" a christmas tree in the park. what they don't know is that i buy the tree at walmart & hide it in the woods the morning of. ryan is incredibly generous to join me on such adventures. so the kids loved cutting down the tree with a child sized saw & yelling "TiMbEr" as it fell. however, they did not enjoy dragging it back to school. this meant one thing...i would be doing all the hauling. seeing how strong i am, i decided to hide it in the woods instead. ryan & i would go back later & throw it in the back of his truck. so i thought. by the time we went back it was gone. missing. ripped off. true story.

i broke the news to my class the next day...they offered me their maw-maw & papa's tree, suggested i buy another one at "the tent" & even wondered if the bears might have taken it. it made for a good story & a few really good laughs.

*for those faithful few that are still reading.
i'm sitting in a meeting, mindlessly chewing on a starburst. suddenly i crunch on something hard, which i know does not belong. one of my worst fears & reoccurring dreams (previously mentioned here) came true. a piece of my tooth lodged into this wonderfully sticky delight! a few hundred dollars & a filling later, i'm as good as new. but for now i'll stick with chocolate.

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